Welcome to Studentspace at Aalborg University Denmark

to make it short: we do cubesats and have done that since 2001.

AAUSAT4 Launch and LEOP 2016

AAUSAT4 was launched April 25, 2016. Beacons were received during first pass and the satellite was doing very well. Follow the LEOP here.

AAUSAT5 launch August 2015 follow here

Launch party in lab.


You have reached the official homepage for AAU StudentSpace @ Aalborg University Denmark.

We have launched three cubesats since 2003 - AAUSAT3 in spring 2013.

Two more - AAUSAT4 and AAUSAT5 - are planned to be launched before November 2015.

If ... you want to build cubesats as part of your way to become an engineer you have come to the right place :-)

We are located at Department of Electronic Systems so our cubesats are built by students from this department.

The students at the department have a blog where you can be inspired.


The AAUSAT3 mission has come to an end after 18 very successfull month. See [http://aausat3.dk]

We are now proud to state that AAUSAT4 and AAUSAT5 are on way.

See aausat4.dk and aausat5.dk

We are building and launching cubesats as well as other space activities like cansats.

We do it for ...

  • For educational purposes
  • For research
  • and ... just for fun - bq we like to be engineers :-)

We can offer many different specializations like

  • Automation and Control (where Satlab is hosted)
  • Signal Processing
  • Radio Technology
  • Acoustics
  • HW Technology

We are physical located at Fredrik Bajersvej 7C. 9220 Aalborg East.

On right side of this page you will find links to our activities.

disclaimer :-)

100% DIY characterize our satellites. We(students) design and construct the whole including PCBs, radio systems, frame, SW, embedded network etc. So no items from cubesat shops are in our satellites.

100% student made The staff and teachers are only here to help not to build ...

Please contact us if you want to know more, cooperate or just being interested.

Jens and Jesper (managament staff {jdn AT es.aau.dk jal AT es.aau.dk}