Project proposal

Communication with satellites demands accurate pointing with the antennas.

2D test bench

Cubesats is normal 900 km above surface and move with 8 km/sec. In the upcomming

QB-50 project(where we and YOU :-) participate) we will fly in only 280 km og height.

This gives only a few minutes for communication when it passed from horizon to horizon.

Project short

  • mechanics
    • select antenna system (yagii or dish on roof)
    • do mechanical/dynamic modelling
  • electronics
    • sensor and actuator interfaces
    • robustness considerations
    • safety
  • control
    • antenna control :-)
    • including dynamic and sensor/actuator modeling
  • communication
    • development of a safe reliable protocol from host to antenna controller
    • orbit update system based on retrieve of data from
    • coordination of several antenna systems
    • interface/handles to interface with radio systems (no HF technique :-)

We hope that this can be a base for a distributed antenna platform for the whole QB-50 :-)

Jens Dalsgaard Nielsen ( Jesper A Larsen (