Distributed communication/antenna system

QB-50 is the most ambitious cubesat project so far:

Distr Gnd
  • 50 satellites on one launch
  • Cooperative Ground stations around the globe

Launch will be in 2015.

We need a distributed ground station system which can

The big wich list

  • control and coordinate antenna systems
  • facilitate remote control
  • facilitate real time data flow between radio systems and cubesat owners ground station(s).
  • maximize throughput
  • session and antenna handover
  • proxy funcitonallty

There exits a number of document from Genso which we did participate in.

Our goal is in one semester to develop a simple, robust system :-)

We hope that this can be a base for a solution for the whole QB-50.

Jens Dalsgaard Nielsen (jdn@space.aau.dk) Jesper A Larsen (jal@space.aau.dk)