AAUSAT 2D attitude test bench

Attitude control (pointing of the satellite) is very critical:

2D test bench
  • radio communication
  • experiments

In QB-50 attitude control will be very important because on board professional experiments demands pointing accuracy within +/- 5 degrees.

Proposal short

Design, develop and implement a attitude control testbench

  • mechanics
    • double set Helmholz coils (See picture below)
    • non magnetic cubesat
  • electronics
    • control of Helmholz coils
    • onboard computer
    • magnetic field sensors
    • suntracker
  • communication
    • radio link (based on AAUSAT3 CSP spacelink ?
    • onboard computer
    • fail resilient system design
  • control - running on external node (PC)
    • time varying and rotating Helholz mag field
    • dynamic modelling of the rotating cubesat
    • design of attitude control

The goal is quite clear - to have a working setup with control, where it is possible to extend or exchange the control algorithms.


  • two yagii rotors available
  • one 1.8 m dish
  • arduino, pc, linux,freertos, csp,...

We hope that this can be a base for a test platform for the whole QB-50.

Jens Dalsgaard Nielsen (jdn@space.aau.dk) Jesper A Larsen (jal@space.aau.dk)