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You can make a reference to a file (like wav,jpg,...) by

[[Attach:uploads/x.jpg | a picture]]
  • Upload a small thumb and link to the high res picture
  • let it float to right
  • 200 pixels wide
  • 5px space around and 1px solid grey border
  • Picture text Company
%rfloat width=200px padding=5px border='1px solid grey'%[[Attach:uploads/yagicompany.jpg|Attach:uploads/th_yagicompany.jpg]] | Company 

the same just linking to a wav file from a picture of the sound

%lfloat width=600px padding=5px border='1px solid grey'% [[Attach:uploads/aausat3CW-130524.wav|Attach:uploads/aausat3CW-130524.jpg]] | A CW beacon from 24. May 2013 [[Attach:uploads/morse.png| Morse Alphabet is here]]