Space Technology Education Conference 2005


This page provides an overview of the project and lists the order of events that are expected after launch.


Dec 2003: First meeting at ESA in Holland concerning the "possibility of a fast student mission"
Jan 2004: Kick-Off meeting in Holland. The participating students defines the mission, schedule and decides to go for it!
Mar 2004: Second workshop in Holland. The last details of the overall design of the satellite is frozen.
Jul 2004: The first subsystems begin to arrives in Holland. The assembly begins.
Nov 2004: Third workshop. Design of the ground segment is frozen. First successful radio communication with the satellite.
Apr 2005: SSETI-Express is assembled and undergoes tests, e.g. shaking tests and thermal cycling tests.
Jun 2005: SSETI-Express is packed and shipped to Russia.
Sep 2005: A small team, with Karl from AAU, travels to Russia to make final preparations for launch.

Launch Timeline - 27th of October

Note: Times in CEST (CEST=UTC+2 hours)
08:00: "Launch Event" starts at Aalborg University. Everyone is welcome in room B3-104.
08:52: Lift off!
09:27: Separation from the upper stage of the rocket
10:26: Express comes in range for the groundstation in Aalborg
10:30: Express activates itself and releases the three passenger satellites. First signals will be heard.
10:40: Express gets out of radio range from Aalborg

12:04-12:18 Second pass over Aalborg

As the exact time between separation and activation depends on temperature, among other things, then the first pass over Aalborg is going to be extremely exciting!

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