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This homepage concerns the launch and operational phase of the SSETI-Express mission and complements the official SSETI homepage by putting emphasis on the contributions to the mission from students from Aalborg University.

SSETI-Express is a student satellite built by students from 14 different universities across Europe. The project has been coordinated by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Student Space Exploration and Technology (SSETI). The project was initiated in January 2004 and the satellite is launched on the 30th of September 2005 from Plesetsk in Russia.

Aalborg University (AAU) participates with around 20 students who for the spacesegment contributes with: On-bard computer, flight software, attitude determination and control system and a camera payload. For the groundsegment AAU provides the primary groundstation, situated in Aalborg, and mission control software. The large degree of commitment to this project stems from our experience and expertise gained from our own student satellite AAU-cubesat which was launched in 2003.

Presently the English section is lacking somewhat behind the Danish section in terms of contents, but stay tuned and check back regularly.


Mission Time*:

SSETI-Express Launch 27/10 8:52CEST

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