Studentspace (
A portal for the different student space activities at Aalborg University.

AAU CubeSat (
The first student satellite from Aalborg University. (
Space company founded by old cubesat students. (
The Danish web-portal about all related to space.

DTUSat (
The homepage of another Danish CubeSat project, which was developed at Denmark's Technical University. (
The Danish astronautical society.

The Danish Space Research Institute which delivers the payload for AAUSAT II.

CubeSat-Homepage (
The official CubeSat homepage. Includes links to all other CubeSat projects.

SPENVIS-Homepage (
SPace ENVironment Information System - An ESA website containing information and models about space environment

MIEMA-Homepage (
Another space project at the university - Selected for ESA's 6th student parabolic flight campaign

ADAROS-Homepage (
Another space project at the university - Participated in ESA's 5th student parabolic flight campaign

CUBESAT-Homepage (
Documents section: The official and most current CubeSat specifications.

The small satellites on flight PSLV C9

CanX2 (
Canadian cubesat

Cute1.7 + APD-2 (
Japanese custom factor small satellite

Compass-1 (
German cubesat

Delfi-C3 (
Dutch triple sized cubesat

the second SEEDS-2 Cubesat. SEEDS was lost during launch in 2006.