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Pointing of Parabolic Antenna

To be able to receive signals from a satellite for as long as possible, it is necessary to have an antenna on earth which can move.
The satellite will move over the sky and the antenna shall be able to track it, and thereby be able to have a longer connection with the satellite than a stationary antenna could have.
The available antenna to control is the parabolic antenna on the roof of Frederik Bajers Vej 7A.
When developping a way of tracking a satellite by utilizing a parabolic antenna it could be possible to consider making it compatible with different interfaces.
To know the location of the satellite, Two Line Elements (TLE's) are used, which describes the orbit of the satellite, in a certain data format. The Mission Control Software currently used at AAU Student Space for monitoring the satellites could also be used as an interface to get the position of the satellite.
It could also be considered to be compatible with a interface called Hamlib, which is a common interface utilized for controlling ground antennas.
This interface will make it possible for other radio amateurs to control the antenna.

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