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Advanced Power Supply

Without power no satellite - so a robust efficient power system is one of the cornerstones for a satellite.

EPS: Electronic Power System .. for a cubesat

We do propose: Design and develop an analogue tracking power supply and an analogue solar cell simulator. On the image you can see how the EPS delivers power of one or more voltages for all the sub systems in the satellite.

Project in short:

  • Model, simulate, implement and test a solar cell simulator(see image below)
    • 1,2,3 solar cells in series
    • and parallel combination as well
  • Design a power point tracking converter
    • model, simulate and implement it
  • Develop external interface for controlling the
  • Test EPS with solar cell simulator as well as real space graded solar cells

We hope you will end up with a prototype that be the first stepstone for AAUSAT6.

Jens Dalsgaard Nielsen Jesper A Larsen

jdn, jal AT


A simple model for a solar cell. The current generator delivers current as a function of amount of light, so be having a controllable current generator it will be possible to simulate various conditions in space

An example of simple but elegant optimizing power converter for charging a battery from a solar cell source

Steps in the project

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