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Sponsoring AAUSAT4

Without sponsors there would be no AAUSAT student satellites - so we hope you find us attractive to sponsor.

We believe in that sponsoring us shall also be beneficial for you as sponsor. Our immediate return to you is as depicted below. If we can do anything else for you fell free to contact us.

We are very happy from the help from our sponsors below :-)

Gold Sponsor ++

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors

Our three sponsor ships

Bronze Sponsor

  • Price: 5.000 DKK
    • You get logo on our sponsor page

Silver Sponsor

  • Price: 10.000DKK
    • As bronze plus
    • We offer a 45 min presentation around our present and future activities.

Gold Sponsor

  • Price: 20.000 DKK or more
    • As silver plus
    • We offer a tour at AAU to see our laboratories and groundstation
    • Or you have some ideas ...

  • And if there are anything else we can help you with then feel free to contact us.

Please mail and for sponsoring or call Jens at 287 287 53

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