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A satellite consists of several sub system of importance, but without power no mission is obvious.

EPS (Electronic Power Supply) may have pr has the following duties:

  • Produce 3.3V, 5.0V and other voltages

EPS schematic (AAUSAT3)


  • current consumption from sub system
  • watch dog handling of subsystems and network
  • maintain log of erroneous events

Handle energy production from solar panels

  • maximum power tracking
  • battery supervision and control
  • maintenance of batteries


  • subsystems drawing too high currents
  • Damaged solarcells

So an EPS is much much more than just a power supply.


We can see a solution consists of a FPGA based part and a more standard micro controller part.

The FPGA part could take care power production, supervision of energy consumption and the micro controller (could be as simple as an multi programmed arduino or eq) could take care of logging, network communication and so.

A cubesat EPS has facilities that can be regarded as a super version of solar cells handling for energy production at your house or local energy company.

for further info contact:

Jens or Jesper (jdn, jal

For inspiration we do have the full EPS for AAUSAT3.

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