HAM people helping us

We and ESA has announced the upcoming launch of AAUSAT4 from Kourou.

Below is a list of people that would help listening after AAUSAT4.

If you want to help us and be on the list please mail jdnATspaceDOTaauDOTdk

We are very happy and honoured to receive your help.

  • Germany
  • Austria
    • Lars Mehnen OE3HMW
    • Vienna/Moedling Austria
    • Location Grid: JN88DC
    • Icom 705MKIIG and right hand polarized log Cross Yagi
    • Yaesu 5500 Rotator
  • The Netherlands
    • Jan van Gils PE0SAT
    • Location grid: JO21HO
    • USing multiple SDR receivers with ...
    • two circular polarized RHCP and LHCP yagi antenna's.
    • http://www.pe0sat.vgnet.nl/
  • Massachusetts, USA
    • Dave Webb KB1PVH
    • Location grid FN42CD
    • ICOM-9100 w Gulf Alpha 8x8 RHP
  • The Netherlands
    • Eric Oosterbaan PA2EON
    • Location grid JO21QQ
    • SDR receiver Airspy / FT-736 with IF convertor
    • http://www.pa2eon.nl
  • Germany, Bremen
    • Lars-Christian Hauer DJ3BO
    • Location grid JO43LC
    • DLR- Institut für Raumfahrtsysteme DK0DLR
    • Location grid JO43KC
  • Denmark
    • Omar Frits Eriksson, OZ3CC
    • Location grid JO66HA
    • SDR Console SW using Ettus N210 HW
    • Antenna: EggBeater with LNA
  • Limburg, Belgium
    • Tom Mladenov ON3UC
    • Location grid JO20PW
    • Diamond yagi antenna and rtl-sdr receiver