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External permits

  • ITU
    • beware of long time for handling your request
    • You might get complaints from contries which then are silent in round two. just takes time
    • 1 year ?
  • IARU
    • much easier than ITU
    • (think about supporting HAM people - repeater, store and forward,...)
    • enroll some students to get a radio license
  • Registration of space craft
    • have your country implemented the UN regulations
    • register in another country :-/
    • get a contact person in your national office.
    • it is not trivial to input data to the ITU spreadsheet
  • Insurance ?
  • Coordinated application in cases like FYS ?


  • Planning
    • Have a more specific plan from start
    • Have specific deadlines we work towards
    • Deadlines could also be more than reviews
  • Requirement in design documents
    • There is a different between requirements and experimental payloads
    • Tentative requirements in payload(nice to have) could be a showstopper in reviews
  • Support
    • Faster or different financial support
  • Portal
    • Make all tables (FDS/SSD/NCR..) the same design
    • Remove the other SC from our view
    • Fix the export feature
    • (very unique problem) fix log out/ switch user function
    • Prevent us from editing ESA fields
    • Use open source material instead of microsoft office


  • students
  • teachers (le professors)
  • ESA
  • ESA Education
  • students in between universities


  • final goal 1 must be we all learn more
  • final goal 2 is to spread the news and information
  • Traceability of the process for lessons learned


  • Maybe hold TRR before we go to ESTEC, in case of denied TRR


  • authorized pictures
  • mitigation plans



  • Mail
    • Have a standard "send / receive" procedure/function