Communication with satellites like cubesats has many problems due to the weak and unreliable link. A cubesat typically transmit with less than 1W and have quite small antennas.

Furthermore a pass last only 3-8 minutes depending on height and elevation over the horizon

In QB50? fifth satellites will be launched in a very low orbit (less than 340km). This give passes of less than 4 minutes.

We propose a project with a number of ground station shall either cooperate or perform handover during a pass.

As a part of aausat3? a generic system - including radio HW - has been developed satlab.org?. We suggest that this will be the basic system for this project.

This system is under consideration for QB50 for the launch in 2015.

So we need you

For further information contact Jens or Jesper (jdn, jal @es.aau.dk)