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AAUSAT3's primary mission is to receive AIS transponder signals from ship up in space.

This is not easy due to the long distance between ship and satellite (800-3000km)

This introduce problems like

  • low signal
  • doopler shift due to 8 km/sec speed of satellite

We propose a project that shall develop a next generation SDR based AIS receiver.

AAUSAT3 has two AIS subsystems (See below) where we would like to have focus on the SDR based solution for development of the best AIS receiver in the world :-)

AAUSAT3 AIS receiver consisting of two independent receivers ASI1 and AIS2.

First step has been taken in the AIS subsystem in AAUSAT3 see below, where the RF signal is moved to 200 kHz and sampled with 1 Mbit/Sec (16 bit) by a DSP BF537. The DSP runs linux and appropriate analysis algorithms extract both AIS channels ( 9600 baud FSK around 160 MHz) for further analysis.

SDR based AIS2 receiver structure (AAUSAT3)

Project Contents

We do already have Gbytes of AIS signals generated by ESA as a part of an international project we do participate in. We hope after launch of AAUSAT3 in February 2013 that we will more and real data down :-)

A project can consists of

  • Strategy for analysis of
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