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On this page we will try to keep a log of what is going on - newest on top

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130627 At ESTEC

The second day at ESTEC has passed and we got a lot of new information. The information was primarily concerning thermal analysis, structual analysis, ITU registration, IARU registration and introduction to product assurance and safety key elements.

The thermal analysis touched subjects like a thermal vacuum test and if a "thermal engineer" attached to the team. Also the possibility to get software from ESA to model the thermal capabilities of the satellite together with a intro video.

The structual analysis contained facts about the fatigue of structures. That travel and temperature changes may cause fatigue in the structure.

They want the team to assign a professor or so to handle product assurance, this is to makes sure that there is made a piece of paper of every deviation and fault so the fault can be replicated. This along with the traceability of requirements and so.

There have been made presentations from the other teams along with our self.

  • ConSat-1 (Canada):
    • Payload: Geiger Müller Receiver for tracking the Southern Anomaly(As Anders mentioned at some point)
    • ADCS: Passive
  • Robusta-1b (France ):
    • Payload: radiation effect sensor (Low dose rate effects on IC's)
    • ADCS: Nothing? (not sure)
  • Polytech-1 (Spain):
    • Payload: Rithcy-Cretien Telescope and 3 others
    • ADCS: Reaction wheels and one magnetorquer
  • AAUSAT4 (Denmark):
    • Payload: AIS2 ng
    • ADCS: passive and magnotorquers

And our own presentation was flawless ;-)

and the greatest news(drum roll!):

A possibility of ISS launch at an altitude of 350 km !

lifetime: 2-3 months (may be launch at a higher altitude but not likely because of the possibility of cross collision)

and there is going to be send a letter of agreement to make sure of the commitment from every team, this will be send in the near future.

More Updates tomorrow, stay tuned ;-)

130627 AAUSAT4 in ESA News

ESA Eduaction has launched a news about the workshop. Read more here.

130626 At ESTEC

Where are know at ESTEC for our first day of the workshop. We are going to hear something about what ESTEC expect from us and what the next steps in FYS are.

They have been talking a lot about documentation of the satellite and documentation of mission and so on(More detailed when we get home). Verification methodology and acceptance data package was a big part of the day.

we have got some information about how to use their share drive and what we are going to use it for.

They have given us a road map of phase 1 so we can see when every thing is scheduled.

We have seen presentation from OUFTI-1 and e-st@r-II.

Country: Belgium
Payload: D-star repeater
ADCS: TBD (maybe nothing)
Country: Italy
Payload: Active ADCS
ADCS: Payload
And we have been to a social event, where we kicked ass at bowling ;)

Hope everybody is having fun back home ;)

we will keep you updated ;)

130625 At Aalborg Airport

We are now awaiting departure from Aalborg airport, on our way to the ESTEC fly your satellite workshop!

130130 ESA Education cubesat 2013


130129 ESA Education Call

The call which we have replyed on. http://www.esa.int/Education/Call_for_Proposals_Fly_Your_Satellite