5.8GHz Downlink


7. semester Signal Analysis and Communication (APNET,...)

AAUSAT4 is the next student cubesat from AAU - Department of Electronic Systems.

The launch is scheduled to autumn 2014.

Down link of science data is limited by the very small bandwidth on the UHF space link (9600 baud) so for that reason we would like to have a 5.8 GHz down link.


  • Analysis of space link (link budget,...)
  • Develop a 5.8 GHz TX unit suitable for a 1U cubesat
  • Design encoding circuit (GMSK or whatever)
  • Eventually design error corrective encoding
  • Develop an antenna concept for the cubesat (patch style we anticipate)
  • Design receive part based on our 1.8 dish on top of Fr B 7A3
  • Develope interface from TX to on board computing facilities


Jens Dalsgaard Nielsen, Jesper A Larsen (jdn, jal AT es.aau.dk)