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Distributed Ground Station System for AAUSAT4.


ITC5 or NDS7 Nework and Distributed Processing(Netsec)

AAUSAT4 is the next student cubesat from AAU - Department of Electronic Systems.

The launch is scheduled to autumn 2014.

Our three first cubesats has all been solely operated from our ground station in Aalborg. This means that we have less than 1 hour of contact every 24 hours and furthermore no backup or redundancy.

For that reason it is obvious we would like to have a real distributed ground station system.

We are now in August 2013 establishing a ground station at Thule Greenland, but we still need the real distributed solution whwre we can add ground stations around the world.

See Pyxis - the first version.

The Project in short

  • Analyse existing ground-space communication used for AAUSAT3
  • Model space link according to 7. layer model or equivalent
  • Design of a distributed space link
  • Design of parallel data receive protocol which can reduce bit error rates by voting
  • handover
  • more to come
  • simulate it
  • implement it :-)

The project is very open in the sense that you as part of the AAUSAT4 team will define the goal and project contents in detail.

contact Jens Dalsgaard Nielsen, Jesper A. Larsen or Rasmus L Olsen (jdn,jal,rlo AT

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