Antenna Control System for AAU cubesats

The most important part on ground for a satellite mission is the antenna system.

It is necessary to have pointing capabilities because the satellite will be between 800 and 2500 km away and do transmit with only 1 W.

Uhf Antennas (437MHz) do only need to point within 5-10 degrees of accuracy but S-band (dish +2GHz) need to point within only a few degrees.

Below you can ses our two antenna systems on top of Fredrik Bajersverj 7A.

AAUSAT3 UHF antenna

AAUSAT4 S-BAND antenna

Project Description

The project deals with the S-band antenna(dish). It has redundancy in position sensoring and has two motors for azimuth and elevation control.

  • Modelling of dynamics of system
    • azimuth and elevation
    • including low level motor control
  • Design of a feedback based control system
    • basic system
    • robust system which can take advantage of redundancy in sensoring
  • Implementing on an open platform
    • Arduino + realtime kernel, arm7 + freertos or your choice
  • Design and implementing of interface for integration in satellite grounds systems
    • easycom standard
    • your standard

This project will be the base system for our groundsystem for AAUSAT4.


Jesper A. LArsen (jal AT es.aau.dk)