In bottom people that have received beacons

We are very happy that many people has volunteered to help us.

We would of course be delighted to hear. It can be

  • We heard CW beacon xx:yy UTC at location lat/lon/grid locator
    • and is possible beacon as decoded or sound recording
  • We heard and did receive com beacon etc etc

If you really will help us please structure your email as:

  1. date: date (yymmdd) | time (xx:yy utc)
  2. receiver: name | callsign
  3. location: lat | lon | grid locator(if you have it)
  1. location: city
  2. country: xxx
  3. beacon-decoded:

if you have recorded files or decoded please

 attach to mail

or send a link like http:// ftp:// or whatever

In any cases just a mail like heard AAUSAT4 is of great help to us

In advance many many thanks

If you attach a snail mail we will send you an acknowledge document, or you can have it as pdf.

aausat4@space.aau.dk is the email

The mail address will open Monday

If any questions dont email the list but email jdn@space.aau.dk

here you will all be listed.