Our Antennas at the Roof

We are working hard on our Blue Box ground station. It is a small - with USB interface - radio for receiving communication from AAUSAT3. It is based on the same ADF radio chip as AAUSAT3.

It is our humble intention to give it away to people who will help us listening to AAUSAT3.

More info about BlueBox here.

Some tech details

under construction

  • UHF 437.450 MHz
  • FSK up to ~25000bps (2400 default)
  • not AX-25 !

Our groundstation:

If you are going to listen for our satellite please drop us an e-mail:

aausat3 AT space.aau.dk with subject AAUSAT3 HAM-info and a short explanation of who you are.

At the launch date we will be more than delighted to receive fresh information from you :-) And will of course mention you on this launch web site if you don't mind - just use the email above.