AAUSAT4 is the next cubesat from Aalborg University Department of Electronic Systems.

We are participating in Fly Your Satellite by ESA.

We are happy to announce that we have by February 2014 got a new team of students.


  • AAUSAT4 will be 100% designed and constructed by students at Department for Electronic Systems (elektronikingeniør)
  • We will have no COTS components/subsystems onboard AAUSAT4 from any CubeSat producer.

Why ? Just because the best way of learning is by just doing it all by yourself :-)

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140313 - FYS Phase 2 Kick-Off Workshop at ESTEC

Thermal vacuum chamber at ESA

Yesterday we had our first day of visit at ESA for the kickoff workshop for FYS phase 2. We heard a lot of people present the different tests that AAUSAT4 and AAUSAT5 are going to undergo. The tests are mainly a thermal vacuum and vibration test. The picture below shows one of the big vacuum chambers that ESA has in their laboratory.

140207 - ESA Phase 1 Review

We have now come through af number of RIDs and have now the best documentation we have made on any our satellite - thanks to ESA. The documentation has now to pass a Phase1 Review at ESA.

131203 - October Assembly of AAUSAT4

Assembly of AAUSAT4.

During the assembly of AAUSAT4 back in October a lot of pictures were taken. These pictures have now been combined to a gif, showing the steps of the AAUSAT4 assembly procedure.

As you can see the whole stack is assembled and is operational before integration in the Frame. The modular structure of the AAUSAT4 eases development both in the early and later stages of the project.

131125 STATUS - 100 days

Since August we have upgraded an documented AAUSAT3 according to ESA requirements.

We do call it AAUSAT4 and will fly a modernized version of our AIS receiver which has shown very good performance on AAUSAT3. Furthermore an upgrade of our ADCS system and removal of our static ADCS (read magnet) will give an even better performance - we hope.

So all are very tired but also happy with the result.

June 2013

As time of writing - June 2013 - we are happy to announce that we have been pre qualified together with five other cubesat projects to be on ESA Educations cubesat flight.

We hope we can fulfill their requirements.

The first workshop at Estec is 26-28. June 2013 and we will be there :-)

Follow our AAUSAT4Logbook

If you want to ... build satellites as part of studying for electronic engineers we have room for you this autumn :-)

Email us and lets have a discussion

Jens(jdnATes.aau.dk) and Jesper(jalATes.aau.dk) - management


FM is based on AAUSAT3 HW and SW. AAUSAT3 has gained flight heritage since 25. February 2013 and we are happy to say that all our sub systems are working beyond expectations.

On AAUSAT4Background is why we - only 100 days after launch of AAUSAT3 - is very close to FM for AAUSAT4 and an ESA launch.

This has been a very pleasant surprise for us and has given birth to our fourth generation of space students - mainly from 6th semester.

Stay tuned for the coming weeks :-)

So until further notice please visit AAUSAT3 for a description of AAUSAT4.


The AAUSAT3 mechanical design is currently being updated for the AAUSAT4 mission. Changes includes simplification of production and integration, and solar panels on all 6 sides. Hence we have to change the frame and the antenna to fit the 1U height, why not make some performance enhancements to the antenna. Spoiler alert: Will AAUSAT4 include antenna (polarization) diversity for AIS?

For more information please contact Jens (jdnATes.aau.dk) or Jesper (jalATes.aau.dk)