AAUSAT3 - HAM radio information

under construction

  • UHF 435750 MHz
  • FSK 1200/2400/4800/9600
  • not AX-25 !

Our Antennas at the Roof

Our groundstation:

If you are going to listen for our satellite please drop us an e-mail:

aausat3 AT space.aau.dk with subject AAUSAT3 HAM-info

and we will list you on this page.

If you want to receive our mission update mails please mail to

jdn AT space.aau.dk subject AAUSAT3 MISSION NEWS

and you will by added to our launch/mission state mailing list.

At the launch date we will be more than delighted to receive fresh information from you :-) And will of course mention you on this launch web site if you don't mind - just use the email above.