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Our missions

We are now offering a couple of raw AIS samples from space.

This might be first time that such a dataset is free available for everybody.

The data are put in the open source for all of us. We kindly ask you to register because we are honestly interested in see who and how many find this interesting.

We are of course very interested to get a feedback from you on what you will detect etc.

Scroll down to bottom to see how to proceed

Something about (C)

  • You are free to use our data set
  • You shall give AAUSAT3 credit when data is used
    • Please reference either this or this if referring from a paper.
  • You copy is for you only. Please pass interesting people to this page if they would like to have a copy instead of giving them a copy - we are interested to see who think our data set is interesting
  • We would be very happy to receive an email from you with your result for the benefits for all of us

We hope you will respect this and we hope we can provide more raw data in the future.


We know that our offer is not common - and may be worth a lot for many of you with commercial interests.

So ...

We will of course not refuse some sponsoring support for our future AIS missions from those of you that will use these data in your company We are - as a student mission - always in lack of capital. We honestly think it will still be a very good offer even for a week of salary for an engineer. And will increase the chance that we can provide more and better samples in the future :-)

In addition to that it will enable us to educate even better engineers which may be beneficial for you.

Please contact if you would like to help us.

Some data characteristics

Some data characteristics

  • 758 kHz sampling
  • I and Q channel 16 bit in two separate files
  • Fixed gain during sampling
  • Dipole antenna and LNA on a 1U cubesat (AAUSAT3)

The two sample set are:

  • Europe
    • recorded: 140407 22:06:11 CEST
    • approx position: 74.37N, 7.42E

Attach:uploads/orbposeu.png Δ | Position of AAUSAT3 for the following sample

Attach:uploads/1-waterfallfft.png Δ| AIS2 data waterfall from Europe

  • Greenland
    • recorded: 140415 12:26:30 CEST
    • approx position: 72.82N, 89.36W

Attach:uploads/orbposgl.png Δ | Position of AAUSAT3 for the following sample

Attach:uploads/1-waterfallglfft.png Δ| AIS2 data waterfall from Greenland

Two matlab scripts to get you started


Email with subject starting with [AIS DATA REQUEST]

Please include following information

  • Your Name
  • Institution/Company
  • Email Address (institution/company email - no gmail, hotmail etc. accepted)
  • Purpose for getting data
  • Name of your project
  • www link to your home page (if any)
  • Description/Comments

Disclaimer: There might be a few countries were we won't be able to send to due to legal issues.

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