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*26-02-2013 07.38
*Henning Pedersen(OZ5HP)
*QTH. JO57ca
*Gear: Icom IC910
*Ant: 2 x 13 element
*Received beacons
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* Lars-Christian Hauer
*Bremen Germany
*Weak beacon received

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130225 17:25
*Lars Mehnen OE3HMW
*location: JN88DC (Mödling near Vienna)
*beacon received
*wav file recorded
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!!In bottom people that have received beacons
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130226 03:56
* Mike Coletta KG0UFO
* Pueblo, Colorado
* Radio: AOR AR 8200
* Antennas: 12 Element Yagi with PreAmp
* website www.SATWATCH.ORG

* Heard beacon at 437.450 during two passes over US East Coast and Mid US
*Graphics showing signals and audio of signals at

130226 02:17

*Mike Coletta KG0UFO
*Pueblo, Colorado
*Radio: AOR AR 8200
*Antennas: 12 Element Yagi with PreAmp
*website www.SATWATCH.ORG
*Heard beacon at 437.450 MHz first pass near US East Coast
*will try again during pass over mid-US
*Tetsurou Satou JA0CAW
*Grid PM97NW
*Sent image of CW-Beacon.
*Sent CW-Beacon of WAV.
* Good signal.
Added lines 26-27:

In any cases just a mail like heard AAUSAT3 is of great help to us
Added lines 1-3:
%rfloat margin-right=0px width=250px padding=5px border='1px solid grey'%|AAUSAT3 over the years.
Added lines 1-35:
We are very happy that many people has volunteered to help us.

We would of course be delighted to hear. It can be

* We heard CW beacon xx:yy UTC at location lat/lon/grid locator
** and is possible beacon as decoded or sound recording
* We heard and did receive com beacon etc etc

If you really will help us please structure your email as:

#date: date (yymmdd) | time (xx:yy utc)
#receiver: name | callsign
#location: lat | lon | grid locator(if you have it)
#location: city
#country: xxx

if you have recorded files or decoded please
attach to mail

or send a link like http:// ftp:// or whatever

In advance many many thanks

If you attach a snail mail we will send you an acknowledge document, or you can have it as pdf.

'''''' is the email

The mail address will open Monday

If any questions dont email the list but email
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