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AAUSAT3 is transmitting at 437.425 MHz

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If you will report beacons or other info please see ReportBeaconsAndPassInfo

* Anders Andersson (OZ2JDN or your call sign)
** <location) town, country, lat,lon, grid locator
** equipment: radio etc
** equipment: antenna etc
** http:www.uu.zzz  - if you would like to have a link on our page to your self

  • Mike Rupprecht (DK3WN)
    • Kirchbrombach - Lat: 49░43'53"N - Long: 8░57'20"E - Loc: JN49lr
    • Germany
    • Equipment - yes :-)

Mike was a very big help for us with AAUSAT-II and is still receiving beacons from AAUSAT-II

  • Graham Shirville (G3VZV)
    • Milton Keynes UK IO92QA
    • Equipment: Wimo X Quad, masthead preamp plus FCD Pro+

Graham has been a great help to us during the years.

  • Omar Frits Eriksson (OZ3CC)
    • Helsing°r, Denmark, 56.0272N, 12.5938E, JO66HA
    • Radio: Funcube Dongle
    • Antennas: 2 x WIMO XQuad each with LNA on SpidAlfaRotor
    • Software: GPredict, SDRConsole, SpidAlfa rotordriver

Representative for our main sponsor

  • Lars Mehnen (OE3HWM)
    • Wienna
    • Austria

Lars has been a great help to us for many years.

  • Phil Guttridge (Alan Smith and Craig Leff)
    • Mullard Space Science Laboratory
    • Dorking, Surrey UK
    • Equipment Two 436CP42UG antenna and two Icom 910H
    • Location ...

  • Miguel Gallego
    • ETSI Telecomunicaciˇn
    • Telecommunications Dept. at the Universidad PolitÚcnica de Madrid
    • Madrid, Spain
    • Eqiupment
    • Location

  • Timo Nikkanen (OH2EGZ)
    • Aalto University
    • Finland
    • Equipment
    • Location

  • Tetsurou Satou (JA0CAW)
    • Oogatahonchou Higasiku Niigata-City JAPAN
    • Location:lat 37.92083 lon 139.12151 Grid PM97NW
    • Equipment FT-847 or IC-910 using 13ele Quad

  • Mineo Wakita / JE9PEL, JAMSAT member
    • QTH : Yokohama Japan, GL: pm95tj

Dave Williams

  • Igor Belokonov
    • Samara State Aerospace University, Russia
    • Location Lat: 53░ 11′ 0″ N - Long: 50░ 7′ 0″E
    • Equipment Icom 910H

  • OZ7SAT group (by Peter Scott OZ2ABA)
    • Location Ballerup(Denmark) N 55░ 43.917', E 12░ 23.653'
    • 7.5 meter parabol antenne
    • Icom IC-910 radio
    • USRP1 SDR receiver

  • Henk Hamoen, PA3GUO
    • The Netherlands

  • Dave Williams (G7GQW)
    • Funcube sdr receiver
    • Wxtrack
    • Yaesu g5500 w/ 19 element X yagi Kuhne LNA
    • locator IO83MG

  • IJI Yoshitomo(JA6PL)
  • Yahatanishi_ku Kitakyushu_City JAPAN
  • GL, PM53IU
  • equioement IC-910D

  • Roland Proesch, DF3LZ
  • Germany
  • Ground locator Hamburg JO53CK
  • Receiver FT736R
  • Antenna: 2 x 12 ele yagi
    • datasignal S6
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