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Welcome to homepage for AAUSAT3:

You have found the homepage for AAUSAT3. The third cubesat from Aalborg University. The work on AAUSAT3 started around 2007/2008 just after launch of AAUSAT-II (April 2008).

Log from the launch and mission

The logs linked below was written live. Additonal info can be found in the menu at your left

The rest below is only for historic reason - see the logs above

We are now waiting for launch on PSLV-20 from ISRO's launch site at Chennai in India. On this front page you can follow the launch.

AAUSAT3 ready for flight.

21. Nov 2012 - Launch delayed until ultimo January

Launch has been delayed to late January 2013 due to problems with the main payload.

26. Sep 2012 - AAUSAT3 has passed all tests

AAUSAT3 has in week 39 passed all tests at SFL in Toronto and is now ready for launch.

on shakertable

Sep 2012 - At SFL Labs, Toronto

26. Sep 2012 - Tests are now completed

Last news from SFL from Troels and Jesper:

AAUSAT3 is now approved for launch :-) All tests went well and AAUSAT3 is integrated in our own POD.

(Click on picture (or here) for a shaking movie)

So we are now waiting on launch.

25. Sep 2012 - At SFL Laboratory

Things are progressing as expected. Tests has up until now been successful on FM as well as QM. We hope that next news will be that FM is integrated in the POD(deployment unit)

24. Spe 2012 - Arrived Toronto SFL

Jesper and Troels on way to first working and testing day at SFL

23. Sep 2012 - Aalborg Airport inspecting cubesat box - PASSED :-)

  1. : Q: What's that ?
  2. : A: It's two satellites on way to launch
  3. : Reaction from security: oh ... well okay :-)

Conclusion: we are traveling to much with satellites :-)

(C) AAUSAT3 team - 2012

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